Tax Secrets of the Rich

Do you wonder how the rich seem to pay far less tax than the average person.
Do you want to know their secrets?
Get the inside story. Learn how to take control of your contribution to the government who in Kerry Packer's words "doesn't spend my money too wisely" .
Understand some basic facts about taxation and money
All in an easy to read uncomplicated way

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner looking to make more money and keep it without being burdened by taxes?
Discover the secrets to running a successful business and leveraging the tax system to your advantage with Allan Mason's groundbreaking book.


About Allan Mason

Allan Mason is a highly experienced Chartered Accountant, entrepreneur, and author with over 40 years of expertise in the accounting field and nearly 15 years of experience in financial services and non-accounting based businesses. As the founder and Principal of Encore Accounting, a mid-sized Chartered Accounting firm based in Brisbane, Allan has an extensive background in various industries and businesses.

Allan's firsthand experience and education have taught him the keys to running a successful business, which he shares in his writing. Although entrepreneurship is not always a bed of roses, he believes that with dedication, smart work, and persistence, it can be both profitable and exciting.

What’s in the Book

  • Real-life case studies of high net worth individuals and their tax-saving tactics
  • Proven strategies for running a successful business and retaining as much profit as possible
  • The keys to making money in a practical sense, backed by a lifetime of experience
  • The keys to making money in a practical sense, backed by a lifetime of experience to the tax system
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and personal costs of entrepreneurship, including failure, depression, and feeling trapped

What’s Been Updated

  • Tax changes as a result of the 2023 budget
  • Update on tax rates applicable to the 2023 and 2024 tax years.
  • Extra tax tips that may save you $000's.
  • Changes to superannuation
  • Extra data matching now in place to catch non-compliance
  • How Australia will start repaying the Covid induced deficit
  • This book is a must-read for anyone in business. Allan gives you specific information to help you grow and properly manage your business, while minimizing tax. It is packed with actionable advice with a dash of important mindset and human psychology principles. There is definitely something for every business owner in this book, no matter your level of success.

    – Pat Mesiti

  • Allan’s books are truly amazing. So well written, with an abundance of useful information. The books apply to everyone, no matter what your financial circumstances are. I’ve implemented changes according to his advice, and am now reaping the financial rewards.

    - Sally Douglas

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