Survival to Success


How to Play and Win the Game of Life

Looking for the magic formula for success?

Do you want lots of money, a happy relationship, good health, a great job, success and happiness? Then look no further than Allan Mason’s Survival to Success. In your hands is the formula for extreme success; a manual on the rules of the universe and how you can use this knowledge to obtain the success you have until now, only dreamt of.

This books builds on some of the concepts in the Secret and various self help books. However all of these books miss one very important factor – how to actually bring success your way. A key ingredient is missing which Allan Mason has uncovered and shares with his readers.

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This book bridges the gap from where we are now to where we wish to be. It explains the laws of nature in a way that piece together the puzzle we call life. With this knowledge comes the power to ensure success in everything we undertake. That success will bring happiness, wealth and satisfaction.

Divided into three consecutive sections, Survival to Success will equip readers with the tools they need to have the power of creation. This book outlines the steps readers must take to make a firm decision on what they desire, how to fine-tune their vision, and then how to create the life they want.

The basic philosophy of this book is that if you treat life as a game and learn its rules you will be able to achieve your goals. Through this book, Allan Mason removes the mystery surrounding life’s secrets in order to uncover the path to both financial success and true happiness – acknowledging that the two do not always go hand in hand. Survival to Success truly puts the responsibility for who you are and where you want to go squarely in its readers own hands.

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“I am often referred to as ‘Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret’ because of my profession as an intuitive astrologer, as well as a casting and production consultant to many influential and famous people in both film and television. My observation about life, is that the more information you obtain, the easier it is to make the right decision, and therefore improve your life!

Allan Mason has taken his passion for helping people improve their lives by providing the tools, formulas, and universal laws for manifesting success.

I highly recommend his book Survival to Success for anyone who intends to create and achieve their goals of success – be that in love, money, health, and their true soul’s purpose in life. I know your life will positively change and you’ll achieve the life of abundance you deserve to live, by treating yourself to the knowledge Allan so beautifully provides in his book.”

– BiBi DeAngelo
Casting and Production Consultant to Hollywood
Member of Women in Film and Owner of “A Stars Production”


“We are all meant to live a life of abundance. Survival to Success shows us how to achieve this. It provides the strategies within the framework of the rules of life and the laws of the universe.”

– Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success

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