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We believe that every person should structure their business affairs to pay the minimum tax that is legally possible.

We also believe every person was meant to live a life of abundance, not poverty.

After all, it is not how much money you make that matters, it is how much you keep after tax. With the burden of the worldwide tax stimulus measures (due to Covid-19), it is inevitable that taxes will increase.  

Be prepared for this by taking control of your business to achieve the above.

Sir Garfield Barwick, when he was Chief Justice to the High Court of Australia, said,  on 12th April 2005,  “The liability to pay income tax is wholly derived from the law imposing and providing for the assessment of that tax. The obligation to pay it is a legal one. Some politicians try to treat it as a moral obligation. But it is not. The citizen is bound to pay no more tax than the statute requires him to pay according to the relevant state of his affairs.”

“Consistently with this view, it has long been a principle of the law of income taxation that the citizen may so arrange his affairs as to render him less liable to pay tax than would be the case if his affairs were cast in some different form. In the language of the layman, the citizen is entitled to minimise his liability to pay tax. This is sometimes expressed as a right to avoid tax, an expression which is in contradiction to the evasion of tax, a failure to pay tax which is properly due.” 

Sir Garfield Barwick.

Kerry Packer said: “The government doesn’t spend my money too wisely; therefore, I am not contributing a cent more than I absolutely have to, and anyone that doesn’t structure their affairs to minimise their tax should have their head read.”

So as a business owner you need to get it right on two fronts:

1. Running a successful business that creates life rather than taking it away. What you do as a job, whether in business or not, consumes over 71% of your awake time. If you are not happy (or successful for that matter) in what you do for a job, this will reflect in your general wellbeing. We would even go so far as to say that your general demeanour in life will be affected by your success in what you do as a job.

2. Planning and structuring to use the tax system to your advantage. To retain as much of the above as it is legally possible to do. Do not leave it to  after the event, do not leave it to people who do not have your best interests at heart. But be proactive by taking control and using the best advisors possible (that is what Kerry Packer and all wealthy people do).

It is not a person’s dreams that fail them, it is a lack of knowledge in putting those dreams in action. We have the information to help businesses owners move to new heights they never thought possible. They just need to reach out and seek help.

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Tax Secrets of the Rich

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Ever wondered how the wealthy always seem to pay less tax than the average person? This book will help you answer that question. 

Tax Secrets distills the myth that tax is an inevitable part of life. With careful planning a person or business owner can lessen the burden of taxation and hence be in more control of their wealth. It lists many concessions that are available to help you achieve that. It also lists many real life examples where Allan throughout his career has been able to pull ta metaphorical rabbit out of the hat. In one example to solve a $1 million tax problem reducing it by a massive $732,000. 

If you learn only one secret in reading this book, you will be forever grateful.

Divided into five consecutive sections, Tax Secrets of the Rich will equip readers with the tools they need to understand the tax system in Australia. To view taxation and money in a different way. To realise that taxation is by no means an exact science (as some would have you believe). To learn how to restructure your business in the most tax effective manner. How to use the various tax concessions and tips highlighted to reduce your own tax. This book also outlines how to manage your business better. It helps you actually make more money in your business and in life. The last section outlines some of the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of running a business. 

Discover the tips and knowledge learned from the many thousands of clients Allan has helped in his career including some real life case studies. Situations where clients have been able to reduce their tax, improve their business and hence grow their personal wealth. 

Learn some of the tricks and secrets the rich have known for years.

But don't take our word for it. See what others have said in the reviews tab  on the book description page.



Latest Release


Business can drain the life from you if you are not careful. This book shows you how with systems, a proper strategy and various other tools your business can be rewarding and yet you will still see your family.

Dick Smith

Founder of Dick Smith Electronics & Australian geographic.


Nothing helps a state prosper like enthusiastic people finding success in their businesses. But starting out in business can be a strain, and even the brightest ideas can be frustrated without guidance.

The Honourable Bob Carr

Former Premier for NSW

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