How to Choose an Accountant


Your Most Valuable Team Member

Are you missing the most valuable member of your team?

To small businesses their accountant is the most important member of their team. But whilst every business engages an accountant, view few get it right. Like all professions there are good and bad accountants. There are also accountants that suit your business and you. Getting it wrong can be the most costly mistake you could ever make. This book helps you make an informed choice on what to look for.

Learn if you should give your current accountant the flick

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Your accountant is the member of your team who views your business from the outside, helping you notice all the important things that you can’t see, or let slip by, while you are busy running your business. Your accountant is a business mentor, your silent partner, your financial advisor; the person in whom you can confide the inner secrets of your business in absolute confidence. Whatever secrets you have, your accountant has seen it all before!

By helping readers choose the right accountant for them, this book will assist them to:

  • Pay the minimum tax that is legal
  • Help with problems or non compliance matters
  • Give business advice on the best way to succeed in business
  • And much, much more…

By opening this book readers will be presented with information about the role of accountants, which ones are doing it right, and which ones aren’t and specific traits and qualifications to look for when making this important choice. Common myths about accountants are exposed and a practical bonus chapter on ‘how tax works and how to reduce it’ is for the reader’s personal use.

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